What Happens at an Orientation Appointment for Hearing Aids in Norwich, CT?

Aging comes with a lot of stress, but much of it can be mitigated with the help of modern medicine. Hearing loss is extremely common in older patients, and its social affects can be devastating. After all, human beings rely on verbal communication for everything from performing practical everyday tasks to asking friends and family for help during times of crisis. Combating hearing loss is as simple as going in to be fitted for Hearing Aids in Norwich CT, but this process itself can also elicit anxiety in some patients.

Being fitted for hearing aids is a simple process. An appointment must be made with an audiologist who can perform hearing tests to determine the extent of the problem, and if a patient decides to proceed a second appointment will be scheduled to fit their hearing aids. The appointment is usually between one and two hours long, and typically involves addressing a few different issues.

The audiologist will explain the particulars of whatever model of hearing aid is chosen, including cleaning and maintenance. It’s important to keep hearing aids well-maintained so that they do not break and continue to function as intended for as long as possible. The doctor will also discuss the patient’s expectations for how they can benefit from their new hearing aids. Most report an incredible improvement in their daily lives, but it’s important to recognize that no technology exists that can completely restore a patient’s hearing.

Once the patient understands how to care for their devices and what to expect, the doctor will help the patient match the software settings to his or her unique preferences and set up the device’s programming. Most hearing aids have different settings for different situations. The setting for a crowded restaurant is different from the one that is used at home watching television. In order to get the most out of their new hearing aids patients should pay attention during this orientation and follow the specialist’s advice.

Once the programming has been set and the hearing aid is fitted, one last hearing test will be necessary to determine whether the device actually meets the patient’s needs according to his or her level of hearing loss. Additional fittings are generally necessary to make adjustments. Click here to find out more about the process of getting Hearing Aids in Norwich CT.