4 Common Questions People Ask Veterinarians

by | May 28, 2015 | Animal Hospitals

What questions do veterinarians get asked most often? This list will vary depending on the vet’s specialty but here are some common questions and some associated advice.

How do I know if my pet needs to see a vet?

If ever in doubt, call a vet for advice. Signs that a veterinarian’s advice is wise include an animal in severe distress, prolonged vomiting and / or diarrhea, deteriorating health, and wounds. If your pet seems under the weather it might not be too serious but if they aren’t drinking water, become extremely lethargic, have seizures, or your instinct tells you that something is very wrong, trust that instinct and see a local vet.

Should my Pet’s Teeth be Cleaned?

Pet teeth cleanings can be very helpful. While pets don’t (or shouldn’t) eat the same sorts of decaying food people eat, they can get tartar build up and while there are some animal treats and chew toys that can aid in teeth cleaning, there are also veterinary cleanings that can help prevent tooth loss, gum disease, and that can help with foul-smelling breath, also. Just like oral hygiene is connected to overall health for humans, the same is true for pets.

Can My Pet Catch my Sickness?

Most human illnesses are not transferable to pets. Your pet may seem very in tune with how you are feeling so will often stay close by and rest with you when you are not feeling very well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is sick also. Pets can get sick from similar illnesses, too, like stomach bugs and respiratory infections. Watch for signs that suggest a vet visit is recommended. Some illnesses do run their course without veterinary intervention but if you’re ever unsure if you need immediate attention from a vet, please don’t hesitate to contact your vet office for advice.

How Can I Help my Pet Recover Quickly from a Surgery or Procedure?

Your veterinarian’s advice needs to be followed after a major procedure or surgery. You’ll want to keep your pet in a clean and relaxing environment. Your veterinarian’s instructions will include any information about feeding, keeping wound or surgical sites clean, and so forth. Veterinarians may also list emergency phone numbers so you can rest assured you’ll have a point of contact if things go wrong.

If you have a question for a veterinarian, don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Your pet can’t always communicate that something is wrong but subtle changes can alert you to the fact that a veterinarian’s advice is warranted.

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