Tips For Choosing The Right Livestock Scales

For any livestock production farm or ranch, having your livestock scales on the site is always a big plus. These scales give you the option to keep track of the performance of different bloodlines, evaluate the weight gain on different types of feeds, and even compare pens of feedlot cattle for growth based on any number of factors.

Not all livestock scales are used just for cattle; other scales may be used to do the same types of data-driven farming research for hog producers or sheep or goat operations. Even breeders raising horses may want to have the ability to weigh their animals on-site.

Choosing the right livestock scales for the job has a lot to do with how versatile you need the scale to be. By making a few different considerations with how the scale will tie into your overall operation, you can make the right choice in brand, design and features to last a lifetime.


The location where the livestock scales will be positioned will be an important consideration. If you have a feedlot or fairly centralized layout, you may be able to position permanently your livestock scales within your pen or run system.

On the other hand, for a more diverse operation such as a cow-calf or horse focus you may want a portable scale that allows you to bring the scale to the animal and not the other way around.

Size of Platform

For any set of livestock scales, the size of the platform is a critical consideration. For a purebred or cow-calf operation having an individual squeeze chute and scale is often the preferred option, resulting in a smaller overall scale size. For a feedlot or hog operation, a larger scale platform to weigh multiple animals at a time may be more important.

Access to Data

While old style livestock scales were limiting as to where and how you could read and transfer the data, today’s models offer full Bluetooth capacity and can be read on a smartphone or connected device. They can also automatically read and transfer information about specific animals going on the scale directly into your livestock record and management software.

If you haven’t had the chance to look at the new styles of livestock scales you may not be aware of the options and features available. Spend some time online and discover how scales have evolved to make your record keeping even easier.

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