4 Reasons to Have Maternity Photography

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Photography

Here are 4 fantastic reasons to have a pregnancy photography shoot before the opportunity is gone!

You’re Beautiful!
Stop that nagging little voice inside your head immediately! You may feel nauseous, tired, achy, sore, and blimp-like… however, from the outside, we do not feel those things which might lead you to believe that you look awful! Instead, we see a gorgeous woman who is bringing a new life (or more!) into this world, with a beautiful little baby growing inside her.

The Memories
You may be uncertain about it now; however, if you do not have a photography session when you are pregnant, you have lost the opportunity to develop once in a lifetime memories – you cannot get those back. Also, photos trigger memories, emotions and feelings… they assist you in remembering more vividly. Even if you do not care for that memory for yourself, I assure you that as your kids grow older, they’ll be glad to see the photographs of their pregnant mother, when they were growing inside you.

It is a great bonding experience for siblings
If you already have children, they might feel special by being in some of the maternity photographs, kissing your belly, hugging your belly – displaying their love, and bonding with the baby. It may assist them in also feeling important, and a great memory they can remember one day and say, ‘I was there while you were in mommy’s belly!’

It isn’t as expensive as you may think
Most people relate professional photography with costing a fortune; however, it is not the case. Many photographers nowadays have several options which allow you to have a CD or digital copy of the pictures to use as you please. Usually, they have a sitting fee that varies, then you may select digital or prints. Considering how much we may spend photographing your wedding day, a pregnancy photography shoot that’s just as memorable will cost a fraction of that.

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