5 Things Before You Choose a Home Renovation Contractor in Charlotte, NC

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Custom Home Builder

Getting an excellent contractor for your home renovation project will save you time and money. Before you sign the proposal, though, make sure you discuss a few things with your home renovation contractor Charlotte, NC.

Working Hours and Days

What is your contractor’s standard work hours? This might depend on whether the home is occupied or not. If you hire a firm that works into the evenings or on weekends, make sure to talk about that. Sorting this out at the beginning will help set expectations.

Parking Spots

Is there any space where the company could park? If any of your neighbours are territorial about parking, think about a workaround. Check if you need to request for a permit from the jurisdiction where your house is in for the company to park its equipment.

Trash and Recycling

Make sure you let your contractor know where your trash or recycling pickup is. Otherwise, the crew might end up blocking the road or alley with their equipment.

Access and Security

Let the contractor know how they can access your home, what entry and exit points to use. If you have a security system in place, then you’ll need to review the security codes with them. Some companies, though, will let you set a temporary code that the crew may use, which is ideal. When the job is done, canceling the code should be easy.


How often will the contractor update you and how? Do you prefer email, calls, or video calls? If you have any questions, does the firm send a prompt response every single time? Are you and the contractor on the same page? Is it easy to communicate what you want? Does the contractor get your point or understand your ideas easily? Does the crew follow your instructions?

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