Eurotherm 3504 Quick Start Guide

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Electronics and Electrical

The Eurotherm 3504 is from the latest range of advanced process controllers by Eurotherm. It offers precision control of temperature as well as a long list of additional process variables. Combined with a huge abundance of advanced options, this controller is the most adaptable in this class.

Getting Started

From the startup screen, press the scroll key to see the PV Input. From here, you will be able to select units, such as degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit and so on. Press the scroll key again to access the resolution. This is where you will be able to change the position of the decimal point.

Press the scroll key once more for the range type. Here you will have the thermal couple time, which you can change using the arrow keys. Pressing the scroll key again will give you the high point of the thermal couple type. Press the scroll key again to see the low point. Then, press the scroll key once more for the type of control that you want your Eurotherm 3504 to use, such as PID. You can use the arrow keys to set this value to something different, such as valve positioner.

Setting Control Output

Use the scroll key for Channel 2 if, for example, you want to use Channel 2 for cooling for PID control output. Continue pressing the scroll key to advance through the display on the screen until you see Loop 1, Channel 1 for PID and Channel 2 and LA Logic. If you want to use digital output or digital input, the standard IO, you can choose LA using the up and down arrow keys. You may want to select it for Loop 1 Channel 1 output, or you may want to use it for a contact or alarm setting.

There are a number of different selections as you continue pressing through the arrow keys. You can do this to find the one that you want for setup, or decide to not use it at all.

You can now move on to LB, which is exactly the same as LA. Press the scroll key once more for the AA relay. Here, you can just set it up in a similar manner as previously mentioned. Pressing the scroll key again will give you Module 1A. In the Eurotherm 3504 controller, you have a DC output in Module 1A. You can set this up for Channel 1 output using Loop 1. Press the scroll key again to set the range type. You are now ready to set you alarm for your high point using the PV input.

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