6 Ways Scuba Diving Maui is Better than Snorkeling

For those traveling to the islands, this question comes up a lot. Why is diving Maui better than snorkeling? There are many ways in which scuba is a more enriching experience than snorkeling. Here are just six ways scuba diving is better.

1. If you are near a reef or over some rocks, snorkeling can be fun. But in most cases, you will be going to areas only reachable by boat. These sites are often crowded, plus you’ll have to stay very close to the anchoring point. However, diving sites are not visited as frequently which means there are fewer people in the water at the same time giving you more room to move around.

2. When you are diving Maui, you will go a deeper than just the surface. You’ll be able to discover lots of underwater landscapes you’d never see while close to the surface.

3. Because of the design of scuba gear, you do not have to worry about water getting in the snorkel by someone splashing water nearby, or if you want to experience a little deeper.

4. Scuba diving Maui can be a very relaxing experience. It is also typically a lot quieter than staying on the surface.

5. You can stay underwater for a longer period since you do not have to hold your breath to submerge.

6. Scuba can be less dangerous. You are not likely to get hit by sea craft like a jet ski. You are not going to be exposed to direct sun rays which can cause sunburn.

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