If you are new to the sport of scuba diving, you likely have questions about what equipment you need. While you only need a few items to go on your first dive, there does come a time when other items will be extremely useful. Let’s take a look at what you need to dive in Maui and what your priorities should be.

Diving School

For your first trip to a diving school, all you need to bring is a snorkel, mask, and fins. Your school may or may not provide these items, and it’s more hygienic to have a personal set of these items. One thing to watch for is whether this equipment is for scuba diving or snorkeling. You don’t want to buy the snorkeling gear for scuba diving, but the scuba diving equipment is fine for snorkeling. Another tip is to avoid buying fins which are extra-long, as they won’t produce enough thrust.

Dive Computers

Once you’ve moved on and are sure, you enjoy scuba diving, the next item on your wish list should be a dive computer. Some companies will offer these for rent, but it’s less common than other diving equipment. You don’t have to buy the newest and most applauded version, even an entry-level version from a well-known brand will offer you what you need from it.

Drysuit or Wetsuit

This might be more important for some divers than others. If you only dive in Maui and other tropical areas, you can wait on buying this. Those who dive into cooler waters will want to get their own wetsuit fairly quickly. For those who are in the extremely cold water cold water, a drysuit should be your priority.


When it comes to comfort and experience, a BCD can help with your dives. You will need to know how the weight system operates, where the pockets are, and other details that can help you stay safe when in the water. You can go with a mid-range model and be good to go, but if you prefer special components, it may cost a little bit more.

Other Gear

Other items that you’ll likely want to purchase eventually are a regulator, dive torch, and dive shears or knife. Many of these things can be rented until you’re in a place to buy them and you can still gain experience along the way. If you are looking for great diving in Maui, get in contact with In 2 Scuba Diving Maui Dive Co.  . You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!