Four Things You’ll Learn in a Maui Scuba Diving Class

When you go on your first Maui scuba diving adventure, you will learn several things. Beginners are often afraid to attempt diving because they are afraid of the unknown. However, before you strap on the gear, instructors will provide instruction on essential skills. Here are four things you’ll learn on your first Maui scuba dive lesson.

Surface Buoyancy Control

There are three types of buoyancy when diving:

· Positive buoyancy is floating on the surface

· Negative buoyancy is sinking to and staying on the bottom

· Neutral buoyancy is where you don’t sink or float

You will learn how to control your buoyancy easily so you can ascend or descend in the water as you desire.

Equalizing Your Ears

When you go diving, pressure in the ears can be very uncomfortable. There is a simple trick to relieving the pressure. The technical word for it is “Valsalva.” This is done by pinching off the nose and carefully blowing air back up your throat and out through your ears. This slight pressure opens up the Eustachian tubes.

Clearing Water From Your Mask

If water gets inside your mask it is NOT a problem. You are breathing from a regulator supplying air to your mouth, and you are NOT using your nose anyway. Getting water out is simple. You will press gently on the top of the mask frame which relieves pressure on the bottom of the mask. Now blow through your nose and look up slightly. Done!!! The water has drained out and you can continue enjoying the dive.

Regulator Recovery

If the regulator mouthpiece slips out of your mouth, you can recover it easily. First, don’t panic. Continue to exhale and then sweep the mouthpiece up and put it back in your mouth.

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