A Basic Guide To Double Action Hydraulic Cylinder Design

There are many different uses for hydraulic cylinders in a range of different applications. In industrial and agricultural types of equipment, as well as an off-road heavy equipment and in the construction industry, a double action hydraulic cylinder is often the preferred choice.

There are two different options to consider, a single or double acting hydraulic cylinder. Each cylinder will have the basic components including the pump, the cylinder, and the hose or the hose that connects the two.

In all types of cylinders, the pump is responsible for pushing the hydraulic fluid through the hose to the cylinder. This creates the pressure that raises and lowers the cylinder to create the desired movement. When there is just one hydraulic hose, you have a single acting cylinder.

The Double Acting Cylinder

A double action hydraulic cylinder has one pump and one cylinder to the system, but it has two connections on each with two separate hydraulic hoses. The two hoses run from the pump to the top and the bottom of the cylinder while the single action just runs the one hose into the cylinder bottom.

With the double action hydraulic cylinder, the pump moves the hydraulic fluid through the hose to the cylinder bottom connection, causing the piston of the cylinder to extend. To push the piston back into the cylinder, the pump forces hydraulic fluid through the top hose, and the fluid returns back to the pump via the bottom hose.

The pump itself is controlled by the operator to change the fluid transfer from the top to the bottom hose and vice versa. Today, operators have a range of different control options to operate the hydraulic cylinders with extreme precision. Click here to know more.

This is essential with the larger capacity cylinders as without the double action, or the pushing back of the piston, the use of the system would be incredibly slow. Double action is also essential for uses where the weight, or the external force, is not present when the piston is extended to force it back into the retracted position.

It is possible to connect different double action hydraulic cylinder designs based on the specific requirements within a given piece of equipment. These systems can be completely customized to provide just the range of movement and the weight requirements needed for even the most demanding types of industrial, construction or agricultural uses.

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