Who Needs Truck Accident Lawyers in Glen Burnie?

The answer is a simple one because everyone involved in a truck accident needs a lawyer: the driver and passengers in the vehicle that was hit or sideswiped, as well as the driver of the truck. The size and momentum of a truck can make damage more severe and injuries more likely than two cars getting into an accident. There are also many additional factors to consider when an accident happens with a truck, and truck accident lawyers in Glen Burnie should be called as soon as possible following an accident, because crucial evidence needs to be gathered quickly as the window of opportunity is small. Pictures have to be taken, the condition of the roads and the surroundings have to be noted, and it is always better to speak to witnesses while the accident is fresh in their minds. Getting the process started immediately will help lawyers determine how to present any case resulting from the event.

Those involved should get a police report and seek medical attention because some injuries may not be apparent, such as a closed head injury or shock, so it is smart to see a doctor. The driver of the truck should also seek medical attention because some injuries, such as hairline fractures or torn ligaments, may not be noticed at first. If anyone is sent to the emergency room by ambulance, most lawyers will offer consultations at the hospital for convenience. Some Lawyers, such as those at The Jaklitsch Law Group, for example, work on contingency, meaning that there are no fees to the client until a settlement is awarded. At that point, a certain percentage of the award is collected by the firm for legal services. If the case is lost and no award is granted, then there are no fees collected. No one should hesitate to call for representation based on financial worries.

Truck accident lawyers in Glen Burnie, with over two decades of experience, know how complicated cases can be due to the many possible areas of accountability available. The fault could be with the driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer of the truck, the company hired to take care of all the routine maintenance, the tires, the warehouse that loaded the truck, the driver of the other vehicle, the city or town, or any combination thereof. Let the lawyer deal with all that and the insurance companies, while you focus on your recovery.

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