A Few Things To Consider With CNC Contract Machining

Startup Original Equipment Manufacturers often have the biggest challenge in finding the right companies to partner with, as contract manufacturing service providers. This is often a case of the newly formed OEM not having the experience and expertise in vetting the various contract manufacturing services.

There are a few basic issues which should be considered the focus of the search for a CNC contract machining service. The one not included as part of this focus group is pricing. Pricing can be used as a final comparison. The common mistake is to use pricing or cost as an initial comparison, leading to a compromise in the quality, reliability and the expert offered through the machining service selected.

Years in the Industry

It is not an accident the top OEMs work with well-established, reputable contract machining services. The benefit of having years of expertise in machining for different parts, industries, and through various challenges in projects is a benefit for everyone using the service.

Years in the industry also speaks to the contract machining company’s ability to work to customer standards and requirements. Machining shops with a poor reputation for providing the expertise needed simply do not stay in business for very long.

Equipment and Process

Companies providing machining with the ability to complete prototyping and move into production are always a benefit to an OEM. Taking a look at the type of equipment as well as the services offered is a simple way to compare different providers.

The top companies will offer multiple CNC capabilities, including 3, 4 and 5 axis milling, turning and machining. Additionally, these companies may offer value added services such as dimensional inspections, bending services, engraving and marketing, assembly and fabrication services.

The more complete the list of primary and value-added services offered by the machining service, the more the OEM can benefit. Keep in mind, any contract manufacturing and machining service should be ISO 9001 and AS9100C certified.

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