Are CNC Turning Services The Right Choice?

For any type of part or component made of metal or even of many types of plastics, different options can be used to create the desired shape. For some parts, extrusion, which uses heated metal pushed through a die to create a shape is the most cost-effective option. For other parts, bending and forming combined with welding is the best method of production.

However, for many parts, starting with a solid bar or round and then removing material to create the desired shape is the most precise, lowest cost and quickest process. In this type of manufacturing, CNC turning services provide the precision final part required for industry standards.

Simple to complex shapes can be produced by experienced CNC turning services using the latest in equipment and technology. This is true for large scale production requirements by major OEMs, and it is also true for prototyping and small scale production.

The Process

All CNC turning services use the same method. They start with the workpiece held in place in the machine. The workpiece rotates at a set speed, with the cutting tool positioned along the surface to remove the precise amount of material required to complete the shape.

It is possible for a CNC turning machine to have one spindle or, with many of the advanced CNC turning centers, to have the main spindle and a sub-spindle. This allows for both primary and secondary turning to be completed on one piece of equipment, allowing for more complex shapes with a single turning center.

Generally, a CNC turning machine is an ideal choice for prototyping of parts and components. Turning can be used for small parts to more substantial parts, with the cost per unit through different machining processes being the most effective guide in choosing the right manufacturing process.

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