Contract Machining Shops Offer Many Services

You may already know about the benefits of using Contract machining services. You can increase your efficiency without the need to tap into your company resources. However, you’ll receive many more benefits when you go with one of best machine shops. In fact, you’ll enjoy a wide range of services and let’s check out some of them.

CNC Turning

Do you need turning services? With CNC turning you can receive some of the most accurate and precise parts or equipment in the industry. Because the process is automated and state of the art, your Contract machining service can make parts cheaper, and they pass these savings on to you.

Stainless Steel

Working with stainless steel is not always easy. It takes high-quality equipment to create stainless steel parts. Your shop can help you with stainless steel welding and assembly too. If you need fabrication services, this can be invaluable.


Aluminum parts are very popular these days because they are light in weight, strong, and resistant to corrosion. However, working with this metal can be tricky, and you need very sharp cutting tools and the right equipment for the job. By choosing a shop that specializes in aluminum and materials like stainless steel, you are assured of high-quality workmanship.


If you are thinking of developing or upgrading your products or materials, prototypes can save you time and money. Your Contract machining company has trained and experienced engineers and machinists, that work together to give you the perfect prototypes for testing. This can save your R&D staff months of hard work.

Multiple Axis CNC Machining

With the help of 3, 4, and 5 axis machines, you can receive complex and three-dimensional parts with great precision. Your shop can produce these parts when you need them so you can get them to your customers on time.

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