Alternatives to Attending MBBS Colleges in America

Choosing the best possible medical college to complete an MBBS is an important decision for anyone entering the medical field. Students in India to become a doctor in India, the United States or other countries around the world need to carefully consider where they go to school to obtain their degree.

Attending private or government MBBS programs in India or applying to MBBS colleges in America can be very challenging, even for top students. The competition for seats in Indian MBBS programs is very difficult, and there are only a limited number of openings for international students at medical colleges in the USA.

A Simple Solution

One of the best options for Indian students is to apply to international medical colleges that offer the same level of education and opportunities at MBBS colleges in America. These colleges provide the same level of quality training, experiences, and student support to provide a solid foundation for a future medical career.

The Caribbean is a popular location, with fully accredited MBBS medical universities catering to Indian students. These colleges have internationally recognized faculty members, low student to instructor ratios, state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, as well as exceptional opportunities for students throughout their term of study.

Like attending MBBS colleges in America, students at CAAM-HP accredited schools in the Caribbean can complete Green Book ACGME approved clinical rotations in American teaching hospitals. This positions students to complete a PG in the USA and to work as a doctor in India, America, Canada, and other countries around the world.

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