Should You Consider An MBBS in The Philippines?

The difficulty in completing an MBBS program in India creates a demand for students aspiring to be doctors to go to other countries for their education. Over the past few years, the number of Indian students studying an MBBS in the Philippines has increased steadily.
Any Indian student considering an MBBS in the Philippines should work closely with a medical college advisory consultant with a clear understanding of the college’s reputation. It is also important to understand the potential drawbacks or challenges of completing the MBBS program in any foreign country.

MCI Approved Medical Colleges

Not all colleges in the Philippines offering the MBBS are MCI (Medical Council of India) approved. It is essential for students to verify the medical college or university they are considering has a current MCI/NMC approval according to the latest NMC guidelines.

  • Only a foreign medical graduate who is eligible to practice in the country where the Foreign Medical College is located, will be eligible to get NMC registration and practice as a doctor in India.

Education Considerations

Medical universities and colleges offering an MBBS in the Philippines provide education in English. In addition, most people in the Philippines speak English, which is an advantage for clinical rotations.

Students from India will need to complete the NEET exam to meet eligibility requirements during the application process. They must meet the qualifying cutoff score in the unreserved category or the specific score in a specialized field of practice.

Students and families need to be aware that the cost of living in this area is significantly higher than in India. Students will need to consider this to complete the five plus years of education, as it does have an impact on planning and financial considerations for an MBBS abroad.

For assistance in determining if an MBBS in Philippines is right for your needs, talk to the consultants at Zordha Education.