Obstacles for International Students Attempting an MBBS In The USA

Students in India and around the world may choose to complete their MBBS in the USA. There are several advantages to this choice, including the acceptance of the degree by most countries. In addition, students obtaining their degree in the USA are trained in recognized ACGME teaching hospitals. They also complete Green Book clinical rotations, providing a hands-on medical experience recognized across the globe.

The challenge for international students is earning a seat in a program offering an MBBS in the USA. The requirements and admissions criteria are different than students in India are used to, which can create difficulties in the application process.

MCAT Exams

The MCAT exam is a critical aspect of earning a place in an American university to earn an MBBS in the USA. Students must achieve a score of at least 500, which is challenging even for students familiar with western testing models.

The MCAT is broader in scope than the Indian NEET exam. It includes problem- solving and logic questions, as well as a wider subject matter range. For students from India, the format of the test is often the greatest obstacle.


As with most universities and colleges, American schools require a potential student to complete an interview. This can be done in person, by phone, or online in most cases. Differences in work usage, speech, and questioning styles are often a challenge for international students.

In addition, students attempting to earn their MBBS in America have to complete PreMed or a BSc (Bachelor of Science) program in the USA and earn a GPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 3.8 out of 4. While the academics are not more difficult, living away from home in a very different culture can prove a challenge for many students.

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