Avoid Winter Breakdowns: Contact a Heating Service in Bellingham

A reliable Heating Service in Bellingham is one that is available around the clock and throughout the year. Many repairs, replacements, and furnace cleanings take place during the warmer months and the same businesses that install and repair furnaces also maintain AC systems too. Of course, emergency services are needed most urgently during the winter. It is not only uncomfortable to be without heat when the temperatures dip, but dangerous as well. There are ways to reduce the risk of a mid-winter malfunction and to keep a heating system operating as efficiently as possible.

Keep Filters Clean

Many systems shut down or become very inefficient because of clogged filters resulting in a lack of good air flow. Cleaning or replacing filters is a maintenance step that is completed during an annual cleaning and service, but the filters may still need attention every month or two while the heating system is in use. This is especially true in pet-friendly homes where dander and pet fur are common causes of filter clogs.

Schedule Annual Cleanings

A complete inspection and cleaning from a Heating Service in Bellingham once every year will avoid a majority of the problems people experience with their heating systems. Worn parts are replaced, potential future problems are noted, and everything is cleaned and tested. This service appointment will usually pay for itself over time because a cleaned and maintained furnace will operate more efficiently and may even last longer. Summer cleanings mean that furnaces do not have to experience any down-time during the heating season.

Consider an Upgrade

Another issue that causes breakdowns and is a big worry for many homeowners are older heating systems. At some point, every heating system needs to be replaced or upgraded. This should be done every 15-20 years and may need to be considered sooner if the old system was not properly maintained. This is an investment that will pay back the homeowner quickly in its energy savings and a higher level of comfort.

Cleaning and maintenance services are often included with a service contract or as a single service from heating and plumbing companies. Estimates are also available for upgrading heating and cooling systems. There are a huge variety of furnaces and other heating systems for homeowners to consider. Visit to learn more about what is available today.

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