Body Feminization Surgery at the International Center for Transgender Care

by | Oct 27, 2017 | Transgender Surgeons

Body feminization surgery (BFS) is an important step in the transition process for transgender women. Combined with hormone therapy (estrogen + anti-androgen), this procedure allows the transwoman to achieve a more feminine physique throughout the upper and lower body. Patients who undergo BFS also typically experience increased self-esteem and improved satisfaction with their physical appearance.

Due to the effects of testosterone, individuals who are genetically male tend to carry body fat around the waist and abdomen. In contrast, individuals who are genetically female typically store fat around the hips, legs and buttocks. Body feminization surgery is performed via targeted liposuction to the waist, back and abdomen while transferring this fat to the thighs, hips, and/or buttocks. This technique allows the surgeon to sculpt and contour a very feminine looking body.

BFS is a safe procedure, and most transwomen are very happy with their results. During the procedure, the surgeon will make tiny incisions in the treatment areas. Because the incisions are so small, scarring is minimal. A tool called a cannula is then used to remove unwanted fat via vacuum suction. The fat is then injected into the targeted areas. The length of the procedure will vary depending on which areas are being treated. Absorbable sutures may be used to close the incisions, and the patient will wear a compression garment to reduce swelling and assist in the healing process.

BFS is usually performed on an outpatient basis while the patient is awake, using a local anesthetic. Recovery takes about one week on average. During this time, strenuous exercise should be avoided, and some swelling, bruising, and pain is to be expected. While serious complications are rare, they have occasionally occurred, so it is extremely important to choose a surgeon with expertise in performing BFS. Additionally, transwomen who undergo BFS should have realistic expectations and a good understanding of the risks and benefits of this procedure.

At the International Center for Transgender Care, our surgeons have over twenty years of experience treating transgender patients. Contact us to schedule a consultation at (972) 543-2477. We look forward to assisting you in achieving the very best results for your body feminization surgery.

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