Carrying Handguns in Louisville KY

Except in a few places, citizens eighteen years and older can open carry Handguns in Louisville KY. There is no requirement for a permit. In some cases, those under the age of eighteen are also allowed to carry handguns. Attendance at a safety class, for example, either firearm or hunter safety, is a situation where a minor can carry a handgun. Engaging in a competition or performance, and traveling to and from such an event is another exception. On personal property with permission from a parent or guardian is also a situation where a minor can carry a handgun.

Practising an established range is another exception. On a range, minors can carry a handgun, with permission from parents. That allows practice time for shooting, as well as learning safe handling of the handgun. Hearing and eye protection are mandatory at most ranges, and safety is emphasized. That provides one of the best places for gun owners to exercise their second amendment rights. If you are going to carry Handguns in Louisville KY, practice is a wise investment of time and money. Safety classes are offered as well. Rentals of handguns are permitted on ranges as well. Some ranges, such as Knob Creek Gun Range, will rent handguns to adults twenty-one years of age or older. Any used gun at their gun shop is available for rent at an hourly rate, plus the cost of ammunition and targets. Those under the age of eighteen have to be accompanied by a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian.

Concealed carry of a weapon does require a permit in Kentucky. Classes have to be attended, and a test taken before a permit is granted. The testing part consists of a written portion and a demonstration portion at a gun range. Once a permit is granted, conceal carry items are needed. Holsters, small weapons, and ammunition are available at ranges and gun shops. Secured cases for safety can also be found in a wide variety. There are locked cabinets and safes for the home, as well as locked cases for vehicles. Whether carrying a handgun, or a concealed weapon, safety and responsibility are essential.

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