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Defendants and Plaintiffs Should Hire an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Spokane, WA After a Side Impact Crash

Side impact collisions often happen after drivers fail to stop or yield at an intersection. To assign fault, a plaintiff must show who was responsible for the accident, and the fault is typically based on negligence. Drivers accused of causing such accidents have certain defenses available for use in personal injury lawsuits. Can Insufficient Proof

PIP And Vehicular Legislation

If you live in Tampa, Florida, you are more than likely aware of state mandated purchase insurance. You know you must purchase personal injury protection. An attorney employed at the law firm of Shuster & Saben, for example, understands this. He or she knows that personal injury protection or PIP is mandated under Florida law.

Defenses Used By A Theft Defense Attorney

Just as with other offenses, there are multiple defenses available to those facing theft charges. Because of the nature of such an offense, some defenses are unique. Read on to learn about various defenses used by a theft defense attorney. Specific Intent A common defense is that the defendant did not have the intent necessary

Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Vail

Those who have been affected by domestic violence may need to get more information pertaining to their legal options. Domestic violence is defined as the use of force or fear to intimidate others. Examples include throwing objects, taking car keys, preventing one from leaving, breaking objects and physical violence. Abuse can be economic, emotional or