Classroom Activities With Flip Books

As a classroom teacher, you know how challenging it can be to get kids interested in some topics. One of the easiest ways to add excitement and interest to a topic is to do something unique and different. Flip books offer just the right combination of simple tasks with a very sophisticated final product to have your class talking and flipping.

Making your own flip books is a very complicated task, especially for younger children. This is because to get the animation to look accurate the images have to be based on the prior page, which is impossible for younger children to grasp.

Flip Book Sets

To solve this problem with a simple solution purchase flips books in activity packs and kits which are pre-printed with the images on each page. These packages or kits are very low cost and are designed to provide everything each student needs to create their own personalized flip book. They will include perforated pages that can be easily separated and then clipped together to form a book.

To make things even easier, each page is numbered for easy sorting, which can also be used as a math activity for younger children to order the pages. The entire book can be held together with the provided clip, so there is no need for glue, binding or trying to staple through multiple pages.

Students can be creative in coloring in the images for each page of the flip books, making them unique and personalized for everyone.

Activities to Consider

It is a great idea to have an older grade come in and work with younger children to create the flip books. During the coloring and assembly of the books, you can read stories, provide short lessons and even have the older kids tell the younger kids what they have learned about the topics.

Once the flip books are together, the older and younger children can create a story to go with the books. Depending on the type of flip book from a rocket launch to animals, butterflies or even the famous Degas dancer coming to life, there are lots of creative options with these sets.

Using flip books in the elementary classroom is a great activity. It can open up further discussions about animation, the history of film and even spark interest in nature, science or the arts.

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