CNC Plastic Machining for Better Productivity

The equipment and machinery used in manufacturing consists of hundreds if not thousands of precision parts. These components all work together to create a consistent flow for production. Combinations of assorted materials are used in the manufacture of each part. Some are metal and some are plastic. When there is a failure at any point in the equipment, replacement of the part is required.

Integrity of Material vs. Workload Stress

Not all plastic materials are created equally. When failures are consistent it may be time to examine the individual plastic parts used and consult with an engineer to determine if the design is adequate to support the work load. If it isn’t, all is not lost. Today’s innovations in the development of new and more durable materials give you the option of upgrading individual parts to achieve maximum performance.

CNC Plastic Machining Solutions and Design Analysis

The original manufacturer of the part will most likely provide one or two options for replacement parts. If this will only result in continued failures, the best option is to have the parts custom manufactured for increased strength and durability. It’s important to ensure the design of the part and the materials used are fit for the applications they are being used for. If not, a few adjustments can solve the problem.

Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water

Another consideration which must be made is whether the parts properly fit in with the rest of the machinery and equipment that is being used. This is a common enough problem that is easily fixed without having to scrap the operation and go with new upgraded equipment, which is a costly venture.
Instead, consultation with professional engineering staff can aid you to find solutions which will provide a faster and more long lasting solution to the problems. A few adjustments in the design of the parts along with a selection of stronger plastics which are specified to hold up under heavier workloads may be the answer you’re looking for.

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