Your Own Las Vegas Romantic Getaway Awaits!

Once upon a time, Las Vegas was not an especially romantic getaway destination. It was a playground of sorts, and certainly a gambler’s paradise, but its romantic allure wasn’t necessarily up there with places such as Paris, Rome, or even New York. Things have changed a lot since the days when the Rat Pack made the Strip their own from dusk until dawn, and today “Vegas” is a destination for everyone. Singles, couples, and whole families can be seen taking in the sights and sounds of one of America’s most dynamic and exciting tourist destinations.

It’s easy to get married in Las Vegas, with chapels running along the city’s streets as far as the eye can see. Some of them even offer drive-thru service, an ideal sort of ceremony for those eloping or on the run. Las Vegas’s appeal as a romantic getaway has little to do with its wedding culture, though, and more to do with Sin City’s many hotels and casinos. Some of the more expensive suites at these hotels are almost as big as a small apartment, but even those seeking a Las Vegas romantic getaway on a budget needn’t worry about missing out.

The Whole World is a Short Walk Away

Each hotel along the famous Strip offers its own unique theme and experience. If the real New York or Paris is out of your reach, there are hotels that bring those places to you. If you’re concerned about safety in Egypt, there’s a hotel that brings the exotic charms of the land of the pyramids to the Nevada desert. As if the themes weren’t enough, these hotels have five-star restaurants, their own casinos and concert halls, as well as entertaining specialty shows – often featuring world-renowned celebrities. A Las Vegas romantic getaway might be many things, but boring it isn’t.

Should you tire of the cacophony of slot machines, enchanted talking statues, and the general hustle and bustle of a vibrant tourist destination, your hotel room can act as a sanctuary. Room service is available around the clock, and you’re able to receive delicious meals and drinks that can help make your hotel room as romantic a getaway destination as the world outside. Once you’ve had enough of your room, exchange your comfortable bathrobe for regular clothes and stroll along streets brightly lit with the many casinos vying for your patronage.

Venture Farther Afield

Once you’ve had enough of the hotels and casinos, two famous national sights and natural monuments, such as the Hoover Dam and Arizona’s Grand Canyon, are within driving distance of Las Vegas. For a unique romantic experience, take the interstate south for a day trip to the Grand Canyon that ends with one of Arizona’s signature beautiful sunsets.

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