Common Errors To Avoid When You Buy Used Medical Equipment

Making the decision to replace existing testing, analytical and medical equipment is often a wise choice for any facility. This is a different option than buying new from a manufacturer when the choices are limited as are the features and function options that may be included.

To avoid common errors when you buy used medical equipment, make sure the following issues are addressed and avoided with the purchase.

Not Considering All Options

Why you buy used medical equipment, don’t fall into the trap of assuming only the current model or an equivalent option will be in your budget. Used or refurbished equipment can be as much as 70% off the new equipment price, which means that most labs will be able to upgrade during the replacement.

Look at all the options offered by the used equipment service. Compare functions, features and even size to determine the best option for your lab. This equipment will meet all current standards when purchased from a top equipment company, plus they will have a warranty if they are a refurbished system.

Not Thinking Ahead

Most labs are looking for ways to expand their testing and analysis capabilities. When you buy used medical equipment, consider what testing requirements or options that would be beneficial for your lab to consider offering to meet your customer’s needs or to expand into new testing services.

Thinking only about what is required immediately may result in the need to upgrade again in a few years. By buying a higher capacity model now, it will be possible to avoid another purchase in just a few years.

Not Opting for Financing To Upgrade

For a small lab, financing to get more advanced testing and analysis system should always be a consideration. With the low cost of used equipment and reasonable financing charges, this can be the ideal combination to get just the system needed without going over your equipment budget.

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