Well Kept Secrets Used By Top Labs To Buy Medical Equipment

In the laboratory and testing centers, either private or through hospitals, clinics or research facilities, finding ways to keep up to date with testing requirements and technology can be a challenge. This is particularly true for facilities with smaller budgets for new or replacement equipment.

However, there are some secrets that are used in the industry that can allow a lab to buy medical equipment at a fraction of the price of new, without having to resort to choosing from older, close to outdated types of systems.

Many of the top labs across the country use one specific method to buy medical equipment they need without going over their allocation. This is found in the choice of a quality used and refurbished medical and lab equipment dealer.

Used Equipment

Used equipment for labs and facilities is often as much as 70% off the price of new. While there may be some slight cosmetic issues, these are typically extremely minor and will all be disclosed by reputable dealers.
Used equipment will be tested and in running condition for all functions and features. It is a great way to get quality, new, current equipment at a very low price.

Refurbished Equipment

Another option to buy medical equipment is to choose refurbished models. These have not only been tested, but they have been fully inspected, repaired and upgraded to meet current Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications.

Most top dealers will provide warranties for the refurbished equipment that can range from a few months to a year; it will depend on the equipment type as well as the company policy.

The best companies offering used and refurbished medical equipment will have a top inventory of both manufacturers as well as models. They may also be able to track down specific equipment, which can make placing an order a very simple process.

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