Commonly Asked Questions About Duct Cleaning In McDonough GA

The air ducts in a home collect a large amount of dirt and dust. As the heating or cooling system runs, it blows the dust and dirt into the vents where it enters your home. This dust and dirt travel through the air and lands on furniture and floors. As family members breathe, the dust in the air travels down into the lungs. Breathing in an excessive amount of dust and dirt can also complicate allergies. To keep the air in your home cleaner and free of excessive dust, contact a company that specializes in duct cleaning in McDonough GA. Read the commonly asked questions and answers below to learn more about the importance of air duct cleaning.

Q.) In addition to cleaner air in the home, what are other benefits of air duct cleaning?

A.) Having the air ducts cleaned by an experienced company will also make the heating and cooling system in the home run more efficiently. More heat and cool air can reach the inside of your home when there isn’t dirt and grime clogging up the air ducts. When these systems can run more efficiently, they’ll last longer, and they won’t use as much energy when they’re running. In addition to dirt buildup, other contaminants in the duct work may include mold, insects, pollen and pet dander, if animals live inside the home. Many homeowners who have a musty smell inside the house can get rid of the odor after having their air ducts professionally cleaned.

Q.) What is the process when the air ducts are cleaned by a professional company?

A.) A technician who specializes in duct cleaning in McDonough GA will remove the air duct covers and inspect the duct work. One method of cleaning the air ducts that’s performed by professionals is by using high-powered vacuuming equipment to remove the dust and dirt buildup inside of the air ducts. After the technician is finished, the air in your home will be cleaner and safer.

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