Don’t Go through the End of a Marriage without the Help of a Divorce Law Attorney in Tucson AZ

When a marriage is ending, both parties can go through a range of emotions, even if they want to be free of their spouse. If children are involved or the marriage has been a long one, the process can be even more painful. No one should have to face divorce alone. Through a divorce law attorney in Tucson AZ, a person can know his or her rights and be protected throughout the divorce process until the marriage is legally declared over.

A Divorce Law Attorney in Tucson AZ, can meet with a client and go over the details of the divorce. Though it can be painful, it is important to provide as much information as possible so the attorney can use it to properly pursue the divorce. If the client is a petitioner, the petition of dissolution of marriage must be filed in court. The respondent, which is the other spouse, will then have a certain period of time to respond to the petition before it is heard in court.

A petition for divorce can be granted for fault and no-fault reasons. Fault reasons may include impotence, adultery, abuse, drug use, and abandonment, among others. It is important the grounds are chosen carefully since fault grounds will have to be backed with evidence so they can be proven. No-fault reasons, such as irreconcilable differences, do not have to be proven in court.

The length of time it takes for a divorce to be finalized will depend on how cooperative both parties are. If the other party in the marriage does not contest the divorce and both work together to reach an amicable settlement, the process will probably not be lengthy. Once the judge gives the divorce decree, the marriage is considered legally over and the parties are allowed to go their separate ways.

If you are facing the end of your marriage, divorce law attorney at The Law Office of David J Polan, right away. They will be there for you through each step of the process, so you are not alone. Contact them today and ask them to schedule an initial meeting to get you started on the process.

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