Mercury is an incredibly dangerous element, and spills need to be handled carefully to avoid causing any harm. Any home or worksite with mercury on hand should have a spill kit at the ready in the event of a spill. Reputable retailers like EcoSpill sell these types of kits to homes and businesses alike. Figuring out what you need to know about mercury spill kits is the best way to start looking for the perfect kit for your shop. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

#1: Always Consult A Professional

Even if you have used the mercury spill kit exactly as indicated by the instructions, and even if you think the spill was relatively small, you should still consult the professionals. Mercury is incredibly toxic, even in small amounts. Describe the spill in precise terms, without hyperbole, and be sure to mention if any clothing or furniture came into contact with the spill. This information will be able to give the professionals some indication about whether or not they need to attend.

#2: Add To Your Kit

Mercury spill kits from reputable companies will come with everything you need to contain and clean up the mercury spill. There are a few small items you should add to the kit to increase the safety of the person cleaning up the spill. Experts recommend that you keep a pair of gloves, a flashlight, and something to cover your mouth with the kit. If you find that the instructions are difficult to read, have them enlarged so you can be clear in the event of an emergency.

#3: Remember That Mercury Spreads

Mercury tends to form into tiny beads when spilled. These beads can easily and quickly roll across entire rooms. When using the spill kit and cleaning up the mercury, be sure you realistically consider all possible locations. Mercury tends to fall into tiny cracks and crevices in addition to rolling under furniture. Carefully examine the entire area, and call a professional if you have any doubts.