Costs of Transmission Repair

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Auto Engine Rebuilding

One of the last things most people want to hear from their mechanic is that there is an issue with the transmission. The biggest reason for that lies in the cost to repair or replace this essential part of your vehicle. Transmissions are an integral part of making your car operate and without one you’re going nowhere fast. But what are the most common repairs and how pricy do they get?

Transmission Fluid Leak

Low fluid level in the transmission is one of the most common issues seen in transmission repair. Transmissions are a sealed component which means that a leak indicates an issue. This can be due to an axle seal leak, breach in the pan gasket, or fluid seepage, among others.

If you see fluid under your car, typically a red, dark red, or brown, it means you should have the transmission inspected by an expert. The good news is that a leak is an inexpensive repair. On average you might expect to spend a couple hundred dollars to get things back in order.

Shift Solenoid

This is a bit more expensive repair that can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to nearly a grand, depending on the number of solenoids that have to be replaced. It also depends on the type of vehicle being repaired so an estimate is hard to make with limited details.

What solenoids do is control the flow of the fluid around and in the transmission. If you find that your car is having issues shifting or is overshifting, this may be the cause of the problem.

Transmission Flush

A flush of the transmission is one of the cheapest things done to a transmission and runs around $100. This is a maintenance step that removes the old transmission fluid and fills it up with fresh fluid. You may need this done if you notice your car is not shifting well or gears seem to be slipping.

Replacing or Rebuilding

One of the most expensive transmission repair possibilities lies in replacing or rebuilding the transmission. This can run thousands of dollars depending on the option you choose. What’s worse is that this problem can stem from something simple like a low fluid level or failure of components.

Repairs Done Right

At SOS Transmissions, we understand the stress and anxiety that an auto issue can cause. This is especially true when it comes to the transmission. That’s why we offer competitive prices and services offered by professionals. If you’re experiencing transmission problems, you can reach us at 708-344-1760 for a free estimate.

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