Dealing With Power Outages In Chicagoland

By and large, the power supply in this region is both plentiful and reliable. However, very little in life is totally guaranteed and our power supply is certainly no exception. It is not a possibility that, one day, your power supply may fail – it is a fairly strong probability. Furthermore, there is one of those jokey “laws” that says that this will happen at the worst possible moment for you.

The Cost Of A Power Outage

The power companies do a fantastic job with their preventative maintenance programs and emergency load sharing schemes but, things can (and do) go wrong. Then, there is the Illinois weather to contend with. Heavy snow, high winds lightning strikes, falling trees, etc can all interfere with power transmission lines. This might not be a big problem in the city center itself but it can be a regular danger out in the more rural suburbs.

When your electricity goes off, you will not be running up a power bill but, you could be facing considerable costs as a direct result of the power cut. These will be the unplanned costs and expenditure that will far outweigh the price of the electricity that you had expected to be consuming over the period of the cut.

For the general public, if the outage lasts a while, the food stored in refrigerators and freezers will most likely be spoiled. Should it be really long and in winter, maybe you will prefer to go and stay in a hotel in an unaffected area simply to keep warm. Anyone working on a computer at the time may well loose valuable data. Intruder alarms may not function and your domestic security could be compromised. The list goes on and the costs will mount up.

It can be even worse for factories, commercial buildings, offices, etc. Very few such places will be able to remain fully functional without their electricity supply so business will be interrupted and profits will fall.

Having A Backup Avoids The Costs.

Batteries and the related uninterrupted power supply equipment (UPS) can keep you running for a short while but, in a way, these are only really intended to buy you sufficient time to turn off anything electrical as close to the time of the power cut as possible. What you really need in order to be safe is to have your own generator in Chicago. If no one is delivering your electricity, then, make your own.

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