Easy Scope Mounting With The Right Scope Mounts

One of the elements of being a gun owner is to be able to handle some of your own gunsmith jobs. While there are tasks that are definitely not on the beginner or novice gun owner level, there are some that are easy to do without special tools or skills required.

A good example of this type of a do-it-yourself project is to replace or add a scope. To do this, you will need to have the scope on hand as well as have the correct scope mounts and the right screwdriver.

As the name implies, the scope mounts hold the scope to the weapon. However, there will be a choice in the actual design of the rings and the mounts as well as their height and diameter. Having the incorrect rings and mounts will either prevent the scope from being secured in place or will result in the scope too high off the barrel, creating an unnatural angle for the shooter and resulting in less accuracy.

Mounting Tips

The first part of the process will be to choose the correct height for the scope. It should be positioned low to the rifle, ideally as low as possible without having any part of the scope touch the rifle. It should also positioned so there are no issues with the bolt and the scope making contact.

When attaching the bases, make sure the surfaces of both the bases and the rifle are free from any dirt, debris or moisture. Apply a very thin coat of rust preventing fluid or oil and align them correctly and tighten the screws alternately to keep the base in the right position.

If the front base rotates for the scope mounts, do not use the scope as a tool or lever to hold the base in place. Use a piece of wood of the same size and diameter as the scope to avoid damaging the scope itself with the possible twisting action.

Next Steps

With the bases secured in place and correctly aligned, add the scope and the top of the rings and tighten just to hold the scope loosely. Make sure the reticle of the scope is completely in the upright position when viewed vertically and horizontally.

Next, check to make sure the scope eyepiece is far enough forward to prevent recoil into your eye. The eye should not be close to the eyepiece as this creates an unsafe condition for the shooter.

Finally, to complete the process, tighten the ring screws alternately to ensure the scope remains correctly positioned. There will be adjustments that need to be made to sight in the scope, but the mount will be correct for the weapon.

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