Finding a Service Provider for Waterproofing in Westford MA

Do you have excessive moisture or water in your basement? This can cause foundation problems for your home. Stagnant water can also provide a place for insect breeding and mold growth. To keep unwanted water out of your home, it’s necessary to find a service provider for waterproofing in Westford MA. Review these easy steps for finding this professional.

To keep water from invading your basement, it’s advisable to find an expert with a solid reputation. Start talking to people you trust such as friends and family members who have used the services of such experts. Ensure that you garner details about the services each customer received. You can also talk to a foundation contractor for suggestions. Once you have these details, choose two service providers to further research.

Make an appointment with each expert for a face-to-face interview. Do this during a time of day when both service providers are not usually busy. Many workers who provide waterproofing services will want to conduct an interview before inspecting a potential client’s home. Make a list of questions in advance so won’t forget to garner essential details. Here are a list of queries to pose:

Will you inspect all parts of my basement including the sump pump, sewer pipe, and floor drain?
Do you use special instruments to evaluate the level of moisture in a home?
What techniques do you use to moisture-proof a home?
Are you licensed?
Do you provide a written guarantee for workmanship and parts?

It’s vital that you only work with a service provider who has adequate insurance. During an interview, politely request the name of the service provider’s insurance agent. You can call this representative at a later time to request a certificate of insurance. This is proof that a worker has current insurance in effect. When a service provider offers to show you a certificate, politely decline. Only accept this document from an insurance carrier to safeguard against fraud.

The condition of your basement and the upper portion of your home depends upon having a basement free of unwanted water and toxins. If you have these problems, finding the right specialist can help you improve the quality of your home. For more information on residential waterproofing in Westford MA, talk to an expert at Drycrete Waterproofing. This business offers services such as crack repairs and external water control.

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