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by | Aug 27, 2015 | Home and Garden

If the landscaping around your home needs a boost in its appearance or if you want some shade in your yard, consider purchasing and planting trees. There are numerous varieties of trees available that are perfect for growing in your lawn. Read these frequently asked questions to discover more about landscaping with trees before buying Trees For Sale in Fort Worth from an experienced company.

Q.) What are some popular types of trees to plant in the yard?

A.) A specialized tree company sells various species of trees that are perfect for planting in the yard. These types include burr oak, southern magnolia and Spanish dagger. Burr oak trees survive during droughts, and they have the largest acorns of any oak species. Southern magnolia trees are a popular ornamental variety because of their large, white flowers. Shrubs, such as a Spanish dagger, can also make a bold statement when planted in the yard. This yucca plant has large spiked leaves, and it blooms with white flowers.

Q.) What are some tips for planting trees in the yard?

A.) When planting your tree, measure the root system of the tree and dig a hole just deep enough to fit the roots inside the hole. Mulch around your newly planted tree to keep the roots moist and to protect the new tree from temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Keep the soil around the tree moist but be careful and don’t give it too much water.

After purchasing Trees For Sale in Fort Worth from an experienced company, think about hiring a tree company service to plant the trees for you. Many companies offer a warranty on the trees they plant, and if you plant your own trees, the warranty may be voided. If you don’t have any experience planting trees, it may be best to contact a tree service to do the planting to ensure that your trees thrive and grow as they should.

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