Getting the Most Out of Your Workout

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Fitness Training Center

Not only will a lack of preparation make weight loss difficult, but it will make it painful. Both before and after you work out, there are critical components that will help you get the most out of your exercise regimen. Among others, make sure to prioritize the following:

Get Enough Sleep

Like most things in life, having enough sleep will help you remain alert, focused, and energized. Whether you prefer an early morning workout or exercise later in the day, a full night of restful sleep will balance your hormones, refresh your brain, and of course, stave off the fatigue that so often impedes your weight loss success.

Put Your Phone Away

Unless it is to listen to music, there is little reason to keep your phone on you while you work out. Whether you leave it at home or in the locker room, exercise is a perfect opportunity to put the rest of the world on hold and take time to focus on your goals.

Hydrate Properly

Not only will water heighten your senses and increase your productivity throughout the day, but it will boost your exercise efficacy and aid in post-workout recovery. A key component of physiological balance, proper water intake will replenish your electrolytes and stave off injury.

Stretch Before and After

Whether you prefer group yoga or stretching in the corner, keeping your muscles supple will increase your workout productivity and decrease your chances of injury. Implement a comprehensive stretching regimen both before and after exercise to truly give your body the care it deserves.

Grab a Snack

Speak with both your personal trainer and nutritional coach to devise the best snack and meal schedule for your specific weight loss goals and workout regimen. Embark on a new relationship with food, respecting it as fuel for your body; like gas in a car, you will be both ineffective and in peril if your workout is not paired with the sustenance it requires.

At THE MAX Challenge of Wayne, we want you to succeed, and are proud to offer our integrated program of fitness, nutrition, and motivation in an effort to support your weight loss goals. Whether you are already a member of your local Wayne fitness center or have never set foot in a gym, we invite you to contact The MAX to begin your transformation today.

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