How Challenging Exercises Can Lead to Weight Loss and Improve Your Health

So, you’ve been trying the same workout for months with little to no results. It feels like you’ve hit a brick wall with nowhere to go. You’re not alone with this type of frustration. One of the best ways to break through weight loss barriers is to change up your workout and perform more challenging exercises.

Try HIIT Exercises

Also known as High-Intensity Interval Training, these workouts are designed to maximize effectiveness and reduce rest periods. This method works by alternating short periods of intense movements with active, but less vigorous, recovery periods. This cycle is repeated until the participant can no longer continue.

While this regimen can be challenging, you are more likely to hit your weight loss goal much faster.

Challenge Yourself on a Hill

If your main mode of exercise is running on a flat surface for 30 minutes, try running up and down a hill instead. Running on an incline forces your body to work harder, therefore burning more calories than you normally would. You could also spend less time performing this exercise because your body is working harder.

Join a Specialized Gym

When most people think about joining a gym, they think about a simple weight room with separate cardio area and lockers. A specialized gym is a whole different story.

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