Plastisol Coating Services in Grand Rapids MI Offer Many Benefits

Parts made from steel are some of the strongest and most durable parts you can make. Steel is a cost-effective material for many kinds of machinery and equipment. However, steel has one issue which can cause problems. It rusts or corrodes when exposed to moisture. This is why many steel parts today need protection from the elements. You can choose from a number of finishes, and plastisol coating services in Grand Rapids provide several important benefits. Here are some of the good things they have to offer.

What is Plastisol?

Plastisol is a liquid plastic which when heated, forms a strong and protective coating. In some cases, the coating is as simple as dipping the metal products in the liquid plastic solution and letting it dry. It is much easier and quicker than painting because there is no need for multiple applications (as with painting).


Plastisol coating in Grand Rapids can give your metal parts excellent protection from corrosion. This is an important consideration for parts or materials exposed to the weather for long periods of time. However, corrosion resistance is only one benefit.

Plastisol protects materials from impact damage. The plastic coating is very flexible and resists many kinds of impacts. It also provides a nice soft surface for hand grips. For example, wire cutters or pliers are easier on the hands when they have soft handles. It can prevent blisters and irritations. Plastisol coating in Grand Rapids gives tool handles resistance to electricity. This is an important consideration for anyone working around sources of electric power.


You may find plastisol coated materials in a number of applications. For example, besides many tool handles, underwater applications like impellers need high resistance to corrosion, and plastisol is a good choice. It is also found on chutes, hoppers, fire extinguishers, actuator bodies, and other applications.

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