Home Heating Oil in Norwich, CT: Safe and Cost Efficient

There were many more homes using heating oil a few decades ago but even if the number has dropped, you’d be surprised how many property owners choose home heating oil as their source of comfort. By some estimates, the number of new homes using this source is in the hundreds of thousands just over the past 10 years or so. Far from being “out of style,” there are several great reasons why homeowners are making this choice.

Efficient Heat

People who need to make a decision on their source of heating have found that home heating oil in Norwich, CT can be extremely cost efficient. Because new systems are so efficient, they use much less oil to produce the same heat as in the past. New technology means that companies produce systems that often exceed standards for emissions. People also find that once they invest in storage tanks and have the systems installed, there is minimal expense other than the cost of oil itself.

Homeowners also find this to be a very safe source for heating because oil is not as combustible in its liquid state as natural gas is, for example. If you have an older system and it develops a leak, you will notice the smoke, which does not happen with gas heat.

Flexible Purchase Plans

Property owners also find they can work with suppliers to get comfortable, flexible purchase plans. You can buy your oil on a budget system in most cases. You can learn more about this benefit and others when you visit Anderson Oil Company and their website.

You’ll have access to pre-paid and budget plans, and will also be able to save as much as 10% on your home heating oil costs when you sign up for cleaning service. Thanks to the affordable payment plans and round-the-clock service, you get outstanding customer service and stress-free automatic delivery services to make sure that you’re always warm and comfortable.

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