Heating Oil Providers in Long Island NY Supply Clean, Safe Fuel to Homeowners

Long Island residents who need a new furnace or who are having a new home built may have trouble deciding which type of fuel they want to rely on. Many people in this area heat their homes with oil from a supplier such as OK Petroleum because it took a long time for natural gas to become a widespread option in this region. Heating with oil in a high-quality oil furnace is also efficient, so homeowners can use less of the fuel and still enjoy comfortable temperatures. For Heating Oil Providers Long Island NY residents have a number of possibilities.

People who worry about air pollution and global warming may wonder whether natural gas or heating oil is better. They may have heard that heating oil causes more harmful emissions and particulate problems. That’s only true of low-grade oil, however. High-grade oil is used in today’s modern furnace and boiler equipment, so emissions no longer have any impact different than that of natural gas or liquid propane. High-grade heating oil is considered a clean fuel with very low emissions. It’s substantially cleaner than warming a home with a wood stove, a source some homeowners turn to in an effort to get cheap heat. When it comes to Heating Oil Providers Long Island NY homeowners can call different providers and ask about contracts and pricing. At the same time, they can find out more about the differences in oil grades if they are interested.

Another valid concern people may have involves the transport of oil to their homes, which is done by tanker truck. They may be considering the impact on the environment of those trucks on the roads, burning more fuel to bring heating oil to residences. But there also are issues with natural gas transport. Underground pipes sometimes develop leaks, and utility companies are not focused on fixing the leaks unless there is a fire or explosion hazard. That means methane routinely leaks into the environment from those pipes. In regard to Heating Oil Providers Long Island NY residents can feel secure knowing that this is a safe and secure way of transporting fuel.

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