How a Holistic Animal Hospital Can Help Your Dog with Arthritis

When our dogs become senior citizens (from ages 6-10 years old depending on the breed), they are at risk for many of the same conditions that can slow us down at that age. Among the most serious and heartbreaking of these conditions is arthritis. It can be incredibly sad to see your once vibrant puppy now struggling to get around. If you’ve noticed signs of arthritis in your dog, you may have even considered taking your dog to an animal hospital to get checked out. However, there are good reasons why you might consider taking your dog to a holistic animal hospital instead of a conventional animal hospital.

Arthritis in Dogs

Arthritis is a common condition among older dogs. It is estimated that over a quarter of all dogs will eventually face the disease. In both people and dogs, arthritis is a painful affliction of the joints. As weight is a factor in how the disease advances, large breeds are more likely to be affected.

A common early symptom of arthritis in dogs is stiffness. The way most people notice this is that their dog starts having trouble moving from a seated or lying position. Limping is a common symptom as the disease progresses.

Conventional Veterinary Treatment for Arthritis

The conventional treatment for dogs interestingly enough is very similar to conventional treatment for people. The most popular conventional choices are prescription corticosteroid medications and prescription strength anti-inflammatory drugs. Though they can be helpful, these drugs unfortunately also share some of the same side effects for people when given to dogs. Among the most serious side effects are ulcers, internal bleeding, and liver dysfunction.

Holistic Veterinary Treatment for Arthritis

In contrast to conventional treatment, the type of natural therapies that you would find at a holistic animal hospital don’t have risky side effects. They are safe ways to effectively treat the cause of your dog’s pain at the source. These treatments include nutrition, antioxidants, and essentials fatty acids among many others. They are simple but powerful ways of bringing back vitality to your dog.

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