If you’re looking for a novel theme for your next party, bring the glamor and excitement of Las Vegas to your event with a casino party. All you need is enough space for the tables and games, and a little preparation so that you can get the atmosphere just right. Here’s everything you need to know to throw an epic casino party.


The classic casino games that people will expect to see are roulette, blackjack, and poker. Craps and baccarat are also good options, although you’ll need a bit of extra space for craps. At smaller events you can take it in turns to be the dealer, however, another option is to hire a casino party company who can supply all the equipment and provide attendees for each table. Such companies may also be able to provide slot machines.

Food and Drink

Unless you’re having a separate meal before the games begin, buffet finger food is the best bet, as you don’t want people to be encumbered by plates and bowls. You’d also be wise to keep the food non-greasy, or at least keep plenty of napkins around! As for drinks, serve casino-themed cocktails like the blackjack, the snake eyes, and of course, the vodka martini.


Although in real life casinos generally play an eclectic mix of music, pop-culture typically associates jazz with casinos and gambling. Be sure to add some upbeat jazz and jazz-funk to your playlist (think Ocean’s 11). The dress code is up to you, but for classiest atmosphere, go black tie and set up a red carpet outside.

On Money

Note that it is illegal to run a gambling night for money without a license, even if it’s just a one-off casino party. However, you can play for fun using chips or “funny money.” Generally, you will be allowed to offer prizes to the guests who accumulates the most chips, however, check the local laws in your area as there may be restrictions on the value of the prizes that you can offer.

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