How Installing Hand Dryers can Help Save Your Company Time and Money

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, you look for every opportunity to save your company money. From the equipment that is used to products they buy, a business owner will take in consider how much they will save when they select a particular product or tool. Hand dryer installation can save a business money by not having to purchase costly paper towels to use in their bathrooms. By eliminating paper towels, the company can save even more by not having to hire a full-time employee to tend to the restrooms. While towels can create a mess that needs to be cleaned-up often, a dryer requires less maintenance due to the fact they do not create waste. Instead of spending time picking up paper towels, your employees can focus their attention on more important areas.

Hand Dryers are a More Sanitary Option

While some people believe that dryers will spread bacteria throughout the bathroom. It is unlikely for this to happen as any germs that were on a person’s hands were removed when they washed their hands with soap. While paper towels can fall on the floor where bacteria is found and then transferred when someone picks up the towels to dispose of them. Which make hand dryers a more hygienic option as there is no waste that needs to be removed from them.

Provide Your Clients with a Cleaner Bathroom with a Trusted Dryer

American Dryer provides their energy efficient dryers to a variety of top industries around the world. They strive to provide their clients with fast drying machines that emit very little noise when operating. Their dryers are created to configure the amount of voltage that they require to use making it easier to install the devices. It is easy for the user to adjust the speed needed to operate the dryer to make it unnecessary to replace the parts to make them quieter. Visit website for more information.

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