Tips For Renting Surge Immunity Test Equipment

For electronic devices and components, surge immunity testing is just one of the many tests that may be needed to ensure the product meets any and all standards and requirements. As most companies rent surge immunity test equipment, there are a few basics that should be considered before choosing a rental company and a specific type of testing equipment.

First Time Users

Anyone using surge immunity test equipment for the first time needs to choose a rental supplier that specializes in EMC testing equipment. This will benefit your business in several different ways.

First, it will allow you to talk directly to an EMC test equipment specialist. This will not be someone that just handles rentals; it will be a professional with experience in how to operate the various models and types of equipment available. This is a very important factor as you don’t want to have testing equipment arrive that doesn’t provide the levels of testing you required.

Rent To Your Needs

Some companies offer a limited range of options for rental of their equipment. This may include standard rental or lease agreements for a minimum time, regardless of how long you think the testing will last.

Other companies provide a more customized approach to their rental plans. These companies may provide rental equipment for as short of a time period as a week to up to a month or more. This is ideal for a company with limited requirements or with very long requirements to allow budgeting for the project.

Make sure to ask about the shipping and how that impacts the rental of surge immunity test equipment. The best companies will provide overnight or next day shipping and will not charge for the one day shipping out and the one-day return. This means that you will not be paying rental on equipment in transit, which is a very good deal for the customer.

Brands and Models to Select

Many rental companies work with one or two manufacturers and offer a limited range of equipment. Other rental companies and services offer all the top manufacturers and multiple models and equipment options.

Working with a specialized EMC testing rental service tends to offer the best selection of brands and models. This is ideal for an experienced engineer with a preference or a specific piece of equipment or wanting to try out something new.

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