As the weather warms and the winter layers of clothing are removed, people are becomingly increasingly conscious of becoming fit and healthy for summer. Some have been well disciplined during the colder months and have continued with their fitness regime, while others have tended to hibernate and keep warm through lots of rib-sticking food and toasty beverages. If you’re one who has slipped into bad habits and is now determined to put your best foot forward – preferably in a lunge – you may want to find a personal trainer in Woodbridge ON who can help you to rapidly get back into great shape.

What to look for in a personal trainer

For a start, you have a unique personality, so you’d need to select a personal trainer that suits you. Some people enjoy having a trainer ‘in their face’ who trains them according to army methods of pushing them until they virtually break. For others, this is the opposite of what they want. They are looking for someone who will be encouraging and will give them the attention they need to move properly. Exercising needs to be done correctly with a proper build-up of resistance and repetition, and pushing a person too hard too quickly can often lead to injury. Always remember that the reason you’re hiring a personal trainer is for you to achieve the fitness goals that are right for you. You want to build muscle and lose body fat in the best and healthiest way.

Starting with a trainer

When you first start with a personal trainer, you may want to impress him/her and to try to get the very most out of your time together by taking on more than you’re ready for. This is when your trainer will teach you patience and help you to understand that you need to develop a pace that is right for you. Communication is also vitally important. Your trainer should be clear why you’re being given a particular routine, and you should be open as to what your goals are. It also goes without saying that your trainer should be accredited. There are a number of different organizations, but you should check what exams have been taken and what areas this includes. Ideally, you’d like to work with someone that has an excellent idea of human anatomy, as well as the ability to advise you on nutrition, along with a relevant training and exercise program.

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