Important Things to Consider About Garage Door Repair in Huntington, WV

For safety reasons, Garage Door Repair in Huntington WV should be handled by professionals and not as a do-it-yourself project. Every year, emergency room doctors treat people who were injured while trying to fix the equipment operating these large, heavy doors. Many of those injuries are serious, and some fatalities occur.

Possible Problems

Homeowners may start feeling concerned when older equipment stops moving the door smoothly. Instead, the door jerks and shifts while moving up and down. Technicians who provide service for Garage Door Repair in Huntington WV can make adjustments to the torsion springs, pulleys, and cables.

If the door doesn’t budge one day, the motor running the opener may have failed. Disconnecting the device from the door allows it to be opened and closed manually, but most people don’t want to bother with this for very long when they’re accustomed to the automatic system.

Adding a Sensor

When garage door repair becomes necessary, it is a good time to add a sensor if the system is old enough that none was originally included. By law, garage door opening systems manufactured after 1992 must have sensors that stop a door from closing and reverse the movement if something is underneath the door. Many opening systems still don’t have that important feature because they were manufactured earlier. The work may require replacing the entire automatic system if no compatible parts are available.

System Replacement

Sometimes, when the garage is very old and the original equipment is still in place, it’s best to have technicians from a company such as Garage Door Operators Inc. replace all the interior components. Homeowners may worry that this will cost a fortune, but that’s not the case. They also must consider what the circumstances will be like if a spring breaks and the door falls on one side, hanging halfway down.

This type of incident also can damage vehicles and other objects in the structure. A torsion spring coming loose at great velocity can easily take out a window on a vehicle or the side of the garage. The door falling down can damage the part of the car it lands on.

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