Medical Device Manufacturing In Mexico: Basic Facts

Many Americans do not connect the phrase “sophisticated products” as having any association with Mexico. However, when it comes to certain manufacturing concerns, this is far from the truth. In fact, medical device manufacturing in Mexico is far from basic. It involves the production of both complex components for this industry, as well as the complete manufacturing of intricate medical devices.

Medical Device Manufacturing

The production of medical devices in Mexico is carried out under some of the largest names in the industry. They have elected to produce their products in Mexico after careful analysis of the potential benefits of doing so. Among the many advantages they find are the following two major ones:

  1. Cost of production: No matter how you spin it, one of the major reasons for locating a plant in Mexico is the lower cost of doing business
  2. Location: Mexico is strategically located between North and Latin America. As a result, it can handle both imports from the United States and exports to Latin America with ease

Medical Device Manufacturing in Mexico

In at least the past decade, Mexico has become a singular destination for those who want to produce their medical devices. The influx has resulted in such cities as Tijuana becoming one of the ideal location for medical device manufacturing in Mexico. Production costs, location to markets, and an increasingly skilled workforce are a few of the major reasons why the country has become a top destination for the production of both components for and completed medical devices.