The Evolution of Hand Dryers

Hand dryers have been a mainstay in public bathrooms for decades, but their form has certainly evolved since the wave of their first appearance. You may or may not have noticed the gradual improvements the fixtures have undergone, but as they have evolved, they’ve helped reduce exposure to germs and cut down on the common illnesses they cause.

Improved Functionality

You may not pay much attention to the hand dryer you use after washing your hands, but if you did, you would see that features such as faster drying time and more powerful output have dramatically improved the functionality of units. Improved functionality makes for a more thorough clean, and that can reduce the likelihood of germs lingering. It also means you don’t have to immediately touch another surface to dry hands and potentially come into contact with bacteria.

More Affordable Than Ever

Improvements in the quality of hand dryer units has, thankfully, not resulted in a spike in pricing. In fact, there are many units available that are more affordable than they were previously. Hand dryers are increasingly affordable and easy to install in public places, offices, workplaces or at home. There is a model for nearly any budget and any purpose you might imagine, so you no longer need to worry about the cost of a hand dryer.

Bring a Hand Dryer Home

Perhaps the greatest shift in hand dryer technology has been its movement towards home-based models. While hand dryers were previously restricted to public bathrooms, they are a useful feature for nearly any residential or commercial context. Their evolution has brought them into the homes of many families, and in the process, made those homes safer, cleaner and healthier. There are range of models available for residential installation and use, so you can be sure that your hand dryer unit is ready to work in your home.

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