Most Common Custom AR Options

Whether it is called customization, upgrades or tweaking, most gun owners will eventually want to make some changes to create a custom AR. For some owners, this is done to create a weapon that is more versatile, more accurate or better suited to their preferences for both performance and aesthetics.

There are several easy ways to create a custom AR without breaking the bank. Buying parts and components from top aftermarket manufacturers is an ideal way to get specially made accessories that will work with your weapon and also perform to your expectations.

To help you to get started, here are the most common custom AR upgrades or personalized touches that gun owners use. Of course, these are not all the custom parts possible, but they are a great start.


Back up iron sights (BUIS) are not just a retro look for your rifle; they are also a practical addition to any gun. Learning how to use the BUIS will be instrumental if you are ever out on the range or in the field and have your optics fail or batteries go dead.

Handguards and Rails

From free floating to quad rails, adding a new system can change the look of the weapon as well as performance. Different options in rails can allow you to mount other accessories to the rail while others are designed to provide greater ventilation and cooling of the barrel even when you are firing multiple rounds at a high rate.

Scope Rings

There are a variety of different sizes, heights, and types of scope rings available. Different scope rings can have different mounts, including the single mount or the two ring option.

Both options can give a customized look to your AR, but more importantly, they can also be used to increase the accuracy of your shooting and make your weapon more comfortable for your specific shooting style.

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