Signs Of A Customer Service Focus In A Polymer Testing Lab

While testing of polymers and resins can be completed in-house, it is often not practical or cost-effective for a manufacturer or an Original Equipment Manufacturer to test their own materials or the materials they are using in their products.

To get around this issue, these companies often turn to the services of a private, independent polymer testing lab. For some types of materials and with some industries or applications, having an independent lab complete the testing process provides a necessary level of trust and unbiased reporting that is important to given manufacturer or for the customers of the company.

Regardless of why you may need the services of a polymer testing lab, finding a lab that not only provides accuracy in testing and reasonable rates but that also offers top customer service will be critical.

Assistance with Testing Procedures

While there may be specific tests that an industry or a customer requires, there are typically overlaps in the data that can be obtained by different plastic and resin testing methods.

A lab that has a focus on customer service will be able to listen to your requirements and then suggest testing that provides the specific data required for your needs. They will not choose tests that are redundant or that lack the specificity needed in results.

Ability to Work to Your Timeline

Look for a polymer testing lab that has a proven track record in completing testing procedures and reporting results within the time frame provided. Top labs are usually able to turn around samples and provide data in no more than five business days and often as few as three.

There are also some labs that offer expedited or rush testing options. While rush tests are more costly, they may be required under specific situations and can be instrumental in verifying information to make a sale or to choose a material.

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