Signs You Might Want to Switch Veterinarian Offices

Are you less than happy with the veterinarian you are using? It’s perfectly acceptable to switch to another veterinary clinic. Many people stay with a vet out of habit but your satisfaction is important as well as convenience. Here are some things that might point to your considering switching vets.

Vet Clinic Hours & Location

Do the hours of service of your veterinarian’s office work for you? Is the location convenient? Is the location state of the art or does it seem to leave much to be desired?

Veterinary Services / Limitations:

Does your veterinarian offer the services you want and need? Some vets offer basic services whereas others provide more varied service offerings. Some veterinarians offer animal dentistry, some do not. Some have in-house radiology / ultrasound, and other technology where others will need to provide you with a referral. Some vets deal mostly with dogs and cats whereas others offer exotic pet services in veterinary medicine as well. If you have to deal with one vet for your dog or cat and another for birds, reptiles, etc. then you might want to look for a veterinarian office that services more of your family’s needs.

Customer Service of Vet Office Staff

Are you less than thrilled with the way you are treated and greeted by staff? Do you feel that customer service is lacking? It’s important to feel good about the service you are receive from everyone employed at your vet’s office.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you want to make a switch it doesn’t hurt to check out a few alternative veterinarians so that you can ascertain whether or not there is a better option for you and your pet. It doesn’t hurt to make inquiries or to try out a new vet for something minor, for a check-up, etc.

Your pet’s health is important and so is your satisfaction as a pet parent. The right veterinarian will put your mind at ease. But their staff, their location, and other elements are important as well so don’t be afraid to make a change if you are less than satisfied with the service you receive today.

If you are looking for a veterinarian in the Lomita or Torrance area, visit Western Veterinary Group. For more information, like their Facebook page.

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